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Artificial Bamboo Pole for Residential or Commercial Use

When you’re creating an outdoor paradise for a home or business, it can be helpful to get inspiration from the tropically themed destinations you may have encountered on vacation. After all, the outdoor bamboo poles you see at tropical beaches, luxury resorts or amusement parks like Disneyland and Disney World are not likely to be cheap bamboo poles. Most likely, they are high quality bamboo poles that look great and hold up their structures for years, even decades.

But what you may not know is that the bamboo adorning your favorite tiki bars, tiki huts and other tropical looking structures is often not natural bamboo. Much of the time, it’s faux bamboo: plastic bamboo poles, nylon bamboo poles or PVC bamboo poles that look incredibly similar to authentic bamboo cane. If these fake bamboo poles are good enough for the world class destinations you admire and enjoy visiting, then they can certainly work in your backyard paradise at home – or, in the relaxing tropical environment you may be creating for a business.

Safe, High Quality Artificial Bamboo Poles
As is the case with any type of building material, faux bamboo needs to undergo certain processes during manufacturing so that it will be safe for use in any environment. At Bamboo Poles For Sale we apply a commercial grade fire retardant to all our artificial synthetic bamboo poles. We also ensure they are UV rated so they can endure years of sunlight exposure without fading, discoloration or washing out. UV rated bamboo poles are the only way to go whether they’re intended for residential or commercial use. And finally, we only use the highest quality plastics so that our faux bamboo poles are water and weather resistant. All of these quality control measures are especially critical for outdoor bamboo poles that will be exposed to the elements.

Artificial and Affordable Bamboo Poles
We make your purchase of artificial bamboo poles as affordable as possible. When you place your order for wholesale bamboo poles, you’ll get them at a great cost no matter which size you opt for. In addition, we offer our bamboo poles with free shipping, with your order arriving to your door in a matter of days unless you prefer to pick it up from our Southern California warehouse. If you do wish to pick up your order in person, please do so by appointment, Monday through Friday during business hours only. Call us at 951-662-3472 to schedule an appointment.

In Addition to Artificial Bamboo Poles
In addition to affordable bamboo poles, Bamboo Poles Online also sells affordable bamboo sticks, bamboo halves, bamboo slats and flat bamboo at prices well below the competition. We also carry many non-bamboo supplies for tropical construction and decoration, including palapa thatch and other umbrella or canopy materials. We make it easy for you to source your entire project from one supplier, and we hope you will continue to use us for all your tropical building projects in the future.