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Bamboo Wall Panels

When looking for an Eco-friendly and cost-effective way to beautify your workplace or home, there’s no better option available in the market than Palapa Umbrella Thatch company. Our architectural bamboo panels are infused with distinctive patterns, which create fascinating tactile and visual elements of interior design.  

Our bamboo wall panels are 1/8 inches thick, 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide. The malleable strips are 11/16 inches in width, highly customizable, and can be modified according to the measurements and requirements of your space.  

Our extensive selection of commercial and residential bamboo panel rolls are available in diverse styles, including Natural Raw, Carbonized, Natural Burnt, Raw Green, Burnt Raw Green, Dark Chocolate, Tortoise, etc. We offer carefully rolled bamboo panels and other high-standard, appealing, and long-lasting products in different sizes and at unmatched wholesale rates.   

The bamboo wallpapers can also be splattered with a clear finish, which further helps in extending the panel's longevity. Our Bamboo Paneling is cautiously rolled and is ready to cut and glued to enhance the demeanor of any surface you want. 

Why Is Bamboo Paneling A Preferred Choice?   

Bamboo panels are a wholesome product to bring a fresh tropical perspective to your home or office walls. Our top-quality bamboo panels made from cloth-mesh fabric backing offers increased flexibility and is a superior alternative to conventional wall coverings. Apart from being unique and versatile, bamboo paneling also provides the following benefits:  

Environmentally-friendly: Since the world is becoming ecologically conscious, bamboo is one of the best alternatives to wood and plastic products. Bamboo products offer beauty with the essence of serenity around you. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and releases oxygen into the environment, thus helping reduce the impact of global warming. So, by choosing bamboo, you are already contributing to the environment by becoming a conscious buyer.   

Cost-effective and economical: Another benefit of using bamboo panels is that they are affordable compared to traditional wood materials. We offer varied sizes of panels, and each one can be easily cut and resized for long-term use.   

Stylish: Using bamboo in your décor is eco-friendly and stylish. The unique look of our bamboo products brings a practical design that contrasts with the contemporary interiors. Whether planning a festive, tropical appearance or bringing an organic look to the walls, bamboo is the best choice for all your desires.   

Natural and biodegradable: Bamboo plantation is not infested with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making them 100% biodegradable. So, by choosing bamboo products you are actively contributing to the environment and acting as a conscious buyer.

Incorporating bamboo products in your home or office space magnifies its beauty.
A to Z about bamboo products

At Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, we provide our customers with the widest variety of bamboo panels. All our boards are highly supple and can be customized according to the preferences of a particular client. Not a single penny you spend on our products would be wasted. If our stock still needs to possess what you are looking for now, we will ensure to get it sourced for you.  

Following are proper instructions on how your purchase should be installed in your desired space:  

1.) Ensure to roll the bamboo paneling as tight as possible before cutting.  
2.) Lay down the roll on any flat surface and tap the top to flatten the surface. (Note: To ensure a straight cut, ensure that the slats are aligned). 
3.) Cut down the paneling in the shape of your choice. For the best results, use a chop saw blade with fine tooths.  

If required, you may also alter the length of the bamboo panel rolls by cutting the cloth attached between the bamboo slats with razor blades or any other sharp object.  

Once you are done with the cutting of paneling, make sure to fasten a sturdy construction adherent to act as a base. If you plan to attach the paneling to the ceiling of your house, ensure to secure a substantial piece of plywood to the rear side of the panel before it is installed. The plywood provides a sturdy base and ensures that maximum strength is provided.  

Contact cement should be the adhesive of your choice for installing bamboo strips on the wall. After the application of adhesive, drill the panel into the wall. Stapling the panels to any surface is also an option. However, it is not a long-term solution like the other two.  

Application of bamboo Panel

Bamboo panels are widely accepted among a massive crowd of individuals and are used to step up business and domestic interiors. The ease of installation, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness have contributed to their popularity globally.  

Apart from the factors like natural look and affordability, bamboo panels have various other practical functionalities. Let’s throw some light on the purposes bamboo panels serve:

For Office 

There are different ways in which bamboo paneling can be fitted into a commercial space. Include the colorful panels behind the reception and create a simple yet striking welcome area for your guests and visitors. Under the working area, too, you can cover the walls to provide your employees with a comforting space to work in. Bamboo panels can also be utilized to serve as a partition between the workstations or can be used to construct fake walls to separate office cabins.

For Stores and Shops

There are various ways Bamboo Paneling could be utilized to enhance the aesthetics of your store. Hang the bamboo panel on the walls, providing a unique look to the entire space. You may also draw out various displays and signs suitable for your store and hang them to serve your desired purpose. If there is any empty space in your shop, the bamboo panels can be used to smartly fill up the space. 

To get the most out of the bamboo panels you are installing in your store, take your time to decide which texture will suit your store walls the best. Also, try to be as creative as you can while installing the panels.   

Many restaurants use these panels to give their eatery a tropical look and feel. It gives the space a natural look and provides a soothing dinner experience to the customers. Bamboo walls are also much more versatile and durable compared to hardwood panels.  

Although they are flexible, bamboo Panels have better durability and strength than several materials. Bamboo has high resistance to wear and tear and can easily withstand extreme heat, and can tackle atmospheric conditions.  

For Homes

If you want your indoor tropical feel to sync with the outdoors, consider adding bamboo panels as a wall cover. It provides an arresting texture and a natural warmth to the room. You may consider applying panels vertically on the top wall of your living room or might go with the application of Bamboo Wainscoting.  

Apart from using them to enhance the looks of your rooms, sturdy bamboo strips can also bring an island-like feel to your home. Whether you intend to bring in privacy or not, applying bamboo wallpapers and panels to a plain room divider makes a brilliant style statement. Often these dividers can also be utilized as articulation fragments. 

Another way these panels can be utilized is by creating a bed canopy. Construct a simple bed frame and attach roll bamboo paneling for an impressive, unique appearance.  

Commercial and Wholesale Use

Our team will adequately analyze and understand your operations and recommend the best products for you while considering your budget. If you require bamboo panels for utilization in your business, we can provide you with wholesale deals and devoted commercial services.

We you plan to make orders in bulk we can offer you a hefty discount. Contact us to know more.

One-stop solution for all your bamboo paneling needs

Palapa Umbrella Thatch company is one of the USA's most trusted bamboo panel suppliers. Our customers are provided with the ability to place their orders on our website 24/7. Our customer support assistance is available during any time of the day. We are currently serving 49 US states. 

Every order on our website is processed within 48 hours and shipped within five days. We also provide our consumers with a tracking ID which they can copy and paste on our delivery partner's website, "," to track exactly to which stage of delivery your order has made it.

To Conclude   

We at Palapa Umbrella Thatch aim to provide standard bamboo paneling for an authentic tropical decor vibe. We offer premium bamboo panels that are 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide and are 1/8 inches thick and offer firm support. Our sturdy bamboo strips are 11/16 inches wide which can be easily cut and glued as per your needs.  

So, if you plan to renovate your space and make it a replica of a tropical island you can reach out to us to get a supreme quality natural paneling and other bamboo products at the most affordable prices. We have our top products up for sale on the website. Enjoy the warmth and calmness of the tropical woods while enjoying the comfort of your home.