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Artificial Thatch Shingle and Roofing

When you see attractive, professionally installed thatched roofs at theme parks or other commercial establishments, you may wonder whether they are made from natural thatch or artificial materials that closely resemble it. Believe it or not, the thatched roofs you see at those places are very likely to be made from artificial thatch products – and for most businesses, that’s a good thing.

Why Choose Artificial Thatch Roofing?
Here are some reasons why artificial thatch roofing is popular with high traffic businesses, especially those that use it to cover the exterior of their structures.

It looks like the real thing. Artificial thatch products look and feel incredibly similar to their natural thatch counterparts – in fact, they can look even better. The sheen on the surface of the gives each shingle a cleaner finish; to some, that may be more attractive than the rustic finish of a natural thatch roll.

It’s far more durable. Although properly treated and maintained thatch panels can last from three to five years (even longer if not exposed to inclement weather), artificial thatch roofing can uphold for several more years – often, for up to two decades. This is why outdoor theme parks tend to choose artificial thatch shingle for their outdoor gazebos and umbrellas, as do zoos, parks and other large properties. At Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, our high quality, synthetic thatch material stands up to the wear and tear of heavy commercial use.

It’s a great investment. For a commercial establishment, reducing overhead is a big piece of the profit puzzle. No business wants to spend thousands of dollars to replace thatching every few years, much less pay for the labor to perform the work. With artificial thatch roofing, those worries are eliminated. This makes it much easier to budget for your thatching investment. You should plan on treating your artificial thatch shingle and roofing properly, and maintaining it well with our treatment product. Also, be sure to ask us how to install it for better longevity.

How To Install Artificial Thatch
Our panels for artificial thatch roofs are easy for most skilled people to install, including beginners. Before you start, gather your tools. Just like their natural thatch counterparts, these panels can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors or looping shears. You’ll also need a staple gun and/or nail gun to secure the panels onto your solid roofing surface. And of course, you’ll need a tape measure to determine the size of your panels. After you gather your tools together, how to install artificial thatch is as easy as following these steps:

 • First, measure and mark the locations where your panels will be. Using a marker, mark the exact area where you want to install each panel.

 • Next, determine whether you need to cut your panels further in order to achieve the look you want. You may want to ask us for the panel size that will help you accomplish the look you’re aiming for, depending on whether you want to emulate tropical, European, Asian or African thatch.

  • Then, apply the first layer of panels at the bottom row. Starting at the bottom will help your artificial thatch shingle give off a more natural appearance.

 • Now, add your next layer of panels above the first one. For even coverage, overlap each panel by seven to eight inches. Unsure about this guidance? Feel free to ask us for insight on your specific project.

  • Cover the peak at the top of your roof and the hips on the slope with smaller sections of the artificial thatch roofing. But sure to measure those gaps first, so you can cut your panels to perfectly fill in the gaps.

To learn more about how to install artificial thatch shingle on a roof, umbrella or frame, call Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company with your questions. We will be happy to provide customized guidance on your artificial thatch roofing project.

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