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Bamboo Pole Buying Decisions: Read Before You Buy

Whether you’re creating a tropical retreat at home or just adding a tropical aesthetic to a specific part of your business, bamboo is an absolutely essential material to make it happen. When you’re ready to purchase bamboo pole for your project, you’ll be faced with some important buying decisions. Here is information that can help you make a more informed purchase.

 Natural Bamboo Pole vs. Artificial

When you set out to gather bamboo cane for your building project, your first decision is whether you’ll be choosing natural bamboo pole vs. artificial. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily – but there are nuances you will need to consider before you make your purchase. Some suppliers sell artificial, cheap bamboo pole – and it looks cheap, too. If you’re going the artificial route, choose a direct supplier that only sells quality faux bamboo like Tiki Shack Importer.

 Wholesale Bamboo Pole from a Direct Supplier

The next decision is where to buy bamboo poles. Natural bamboo pole, also known as bamboo tubes, is far better from a direct supplier rather than a big box store. Bamboo poles from Lowe’s and bamboo poles from Home Depot can be very costly, often marked up by 200% or more. A much better alternative is using a wholesale bamboo pole supplier that obtains their bamboo tubes from the source, where they have been cut fresh, cured and processed into raw building materials. Tiki Shack Importer can be that supplier.

 Natural Bamboo Pole Lifespan Matters

One of the reasons some consumers choose artificial, cheap bamboo pole is the longer lifespan of the synthetic material. That’s totally understandable, which is why we offer the synthetic counterpart as well at Tiki Shack Importer. But if natural bamboo pole is your preference, you will be pleased to learn that our natural thick bamboo poles have a longer lifespan than bamboo poles from Lowe’s or Home Depot. We know that the lifespan of your natural bamboo pole matters perhaps more than anything. After all, you’re investing time and money into getting this project right the first time.

 Flat Bamboo and Other Varieties Also Available

Bamboo pole may serve as the basis of your structure, but it is most likely not the sole cut of bamboo you will need. At Tiki Shack Importer, we also carry the flat bamboo, bamboo halves and bamboo sticks you will need for rest of your project: walls, ceilings, siding, bar facades and more. We have everything from huge bamboo pole to rail-thin bamboo sticks, and we offer it all with free shipping to your door. We supply these materials to water parks, vacation resorts, cruise ships and even movie sets – some of the most famous entertainment and recreation destinations in the world. If they trust Tiki Shack Importer to fulfill your natural bamboo pole needs, so you can you.

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