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Bamboo Slats, Poles and More in Multiple Finishes

If you are constructing a piece, overseeing a project or adding value to your property, and bamboo is being considered as a building material, you may wonder how to choose the right bamboo finish. If so, you can trust Tiki Shack Importer to guide you toward the bamboo slats, poles and halves that have the right look and feel for the results you want to create. You’ve come this far by learning about the renewability, sustainability and eco-friendliness of bamboo as a resource; now, take a moment to consider the characteristics of each bamboo finish available to you.

Light Wood Bamboo Slats, Poles and More
Light wood bamboo is by far the most popular finish choice. Light wood happens to be the most recognizable bamboo finish, as it’s typically the natural bamboo pole most often used for tiki huts, bars and the bamboo sticks used for fencing. At Tiki Shack Importer, we source light wood bamboo directly from its native wetlands, and it is harvested when the canes are at their peak. They are cured and processed ethically near the source and shipped directly to us. From there, we send them to you with fast shipping that blows away the competition.

Mahogany Bamboo Slats, Poles and More
If light wood bamboo is used for projects meant to exude playfulness, darker mahogany bamboo is used for products meant to be posh. Often, mahogany bamboo is chosen when the goal is to achieve a more expensive looking finish. For example, the deep, cherrywood tones of mahogany bamboo slats instantly add value to products like flooring. Tiki Shack Importer also supplies mahogany bamboo with faster distribution to your door than our competitors.

Black Bamboo Slats, Poles and More
Black bamboo is a plentiful Chinese native plant that can add a beautiful Asian flair to your finished product, whether it’s for a residential or commercial application. It offers an exotic finish that can immediately elevate the craftsmanship of flooring, furniture and more. Whatever the material is being used for, black bamboo maximizes the drama of your piece, making it more valuable to your buyers. For residential use, it can add value to cabinetry, flooring or build-ins. Black is a popular finish for the farmhouse aesthetic as well; for farmhouse projects, our black bamboo can be a high-end choice preferrable to painted pine. Tiki Shack Importer carries flat bamboo in a smooth, black finish you’ll find stunning.

Order Your Choice of Bamboo Finishes Now
To place your order for bamboo slats, poles, sticks or half-rounds in any of the finishes described here, contact us at the Tiki Shack Importer today. You can order online wholesale bamboo pole, slats and more here – or, call us at 951-662-3472 if you’d like to ask questions before placing your order. Bamboo pole with free shipping is our guarantee, and we take pride in offering fast shipping that gets to you on your timeline. To pick up directly from our Southern California warehouse, please schedule an appointment for a pickup time (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. only).