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Choosing Synthetic Thatch Tiki Roof for Your Projec

The beautifully thatched roofs you see at zoos, theme parks and vacation destinations seem inspired directly by nature. But is the thatch they’re made from truly natural? Often, they’re actually made from synthetic thatch – and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it just might be even better in terms of cost, longevity and even appearance.

Thatch that is made from a synthetic alternative can be just as inspired as the real thing, and it can be a much better investment for a business. If you’re constructing a palapa or tiki hut – or, covering existing structures on your property in thatch to create a tropical appearance – a synthetic thatch tiki roof may be the best option for a durable, long-lasting roof that’s easy to maintain over time. Here are some reasons why.

It’s more weather resistant. An organic thatch roll is made from dried and woven palm leaves. It’s an outstanding natural material. But if you’re looking out for the bottom line at your business, it’s important to know that the thatch will require replacement every three to five years. If your location is subject to hurricane season or frequent high winds and rain, synthetic thatch panels are going to stand up to the weather much better than their natural thatch counterparts. Of course, we highly recommend you treat it with a product that can help extend the material’s lifespan. Ask us for more information.

It’s easy to buy wholesale. A quality synthetic thatch bears a striking resemblance to the Mexican thatch atop the palapas of the Pacific coast – and more importantly, it’s easy to buy at wholesale cost. Made from high-density polyethylene plastic that’s completely recyclable, our synthetic alternative is one of the few building materials you can secure at a discount. Then, you can allocate more budget to other parts of your project.

It’s a wise investment. For any business operation, reducing overhead is the key to higher profits and years of success. Rather than pouring money into replacing your thatched roof every few years, you can budget for synthetic thatch panels that will last for years. As a supplier with years of experience in the tropical décor industry, we can advise you on how to care for your synthetic Mexican thatch so it will last even longer.

Installing a Synthetic Thatch Tiki Roof
If you’re wondering how to install synthetic thatch, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the basic guidelines for installation; if you have any questions during your project, feel free to contact us.

1. Gather your tools:
    • Staple gun or nail gun
    • Sharp scissors or looping shears

2. Cut your rolls to the size you want them to be, which will depend on the look you want to achieve. There are different recommended sizes depending on your desired aesthetic, such as:

   • Mexican
   • Hawaiian
   • Indonesian
   • African
   • European

We will be happy to help you determine what length to cut your panels based on the style you want to mimic. Just ask!

3. After cutting, measure and mark the locations where your panels will go on the roof. Using a marker, mark the precise area where you want to install each one.

4. Begin installing the first layer of panels at the bottom row. Starting at the bottom can help you achieve a more organic look, which is important when you’re working with synthetic alternative.

5. Install the second layer of panels above the first one. For even coverage, overlap each panel by seven to eight inches. This is also something we can advise you on if you would like to call us.

6. Cover the peak at the top of your roof and the hips on the slope with smaller sections of thatch applications. But sure to measure those gaps first, so you can cut your panels to seamlessly fill in the gaps.

For any questions on purchasing or installing your synthetic thatch tiki roof, call Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company.

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