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Eco-Friendly Artificial Bamboo Poles for Indoors and Out

How can an artificial product be eco-friendly? With artificial bamboo, the eco friendliness is directly connected to the fact that it requires no traditional harvesting. While it’s true that naturally grown bamboo is an easily renewable resource that makes a smaller impact on the local eco systems where it grows – making it more environmentally sound than the logging process required for most hard woods – your purchase of decorative bamboo poles can make even less of an impact when faux bamboo is used as an alternative.

Depending on the project you’re working on, size consistency may also be a factor. With natural bamboo poles, concerns regarding inconsistent tapering, shape and size can deter a project’s quality. Bamboo cane does not grow straight, and the poles are smallest at their narrowest end. With artificial bamboo poles, you have a consistent size and shape to work with. This gives artificial bamboo poles the clear advantage, whether your project is for residential or commercial use.

Many Varieties of Faux Bamboo
Fortunately, our selection of faux indoor and outdoor bamboo poles is not relegated to a single color coating. You can choose from a variety of artificial bamboo poles, with smooth, colorful finishes that include:
• Light wood bamboo, popular and resembling a pine wood finish.
• Mahogany bamboo, for a more exotic appearance that adds instant value.
• Black bamboo, which maximizes drama and evokes an Asian atmosphere.
As you can see, our UV rated bamboo poles are not just for tiki huts. Whatever environment you are hoping to emulate with faux bamboo, you can do it with our decorative bamboo poles at Tiki Shack Importer. The UV rating ensures their colored finishes stay vibrant for years to come, and the fire retardant we apply protects your bamboo structure and your entire property from fire dangers. This is a safe, sustainable building material you can feel good about using indoors and out.

Other Cuts of Bamboo Cane
Although bamboo poles can construct a variety of structures, you may be looking to use faux bamboo for a different kind of project: flooring, facades, corners for an existing structure…the list goes on. Whatever you hope to accomplish with our bamboo cane, we can help you select the right cut. In addition to faux bamboo poles, we also make available:
• Bamboo slats
• Flat bamboo
• Bamboo halves (also known as bamboo halfs)
• Bamboo split half rounds
All of our bamboo cane products are highly durable, yet also lightweight. This is what makes them so easy to install and maintain. These are far from “cheap bamboo poles” or what you may refer to as “fake bamboo.” Instead, they are premium grade synthetic artificial bamboo poles that closely resemble the bamboo of native wetland climates.

Free Shipping, Competitive Pricing
In addition to offering free shipping on your order, we also offer wholesale bamboo poles at the most competitive prices you’ll find. We guarantee you won’t find a better bargain on bamboo cane products than what we have here at Tiki Shack Importer. Place your order for artificial bamboo poles online now, or call us if you have questions regarding our products.