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High Quality Faux Thatch for Residential or Commercial Projects

Synthetic versions of natural building and landscaping materials have caught on in a big way, both for residential and commercial applications. One of the best examples of this is the rising popularity of using artificial turf grass for residential lawns and commercial parkways. That product is popular for two reasons:

   1. It’s an eco-friendly, long-lasting version of the “real thing.”

   2. It requires less maintenance and costs less over time.

While faux grass is a great example of this type of product, it isn’t the only example. The same principle applies to fake thatch/faux thatch, the synthetic material that looks and feels just like natural thatch.

Just like an organic thatch product, you can create top cones and beautiful, tropical cascades on a tiki bar, tiki hut or even gazebos with fake thatch. Faux thatch is so much more than a “fake” product, though – and the proof is in the countless successful businesses that opt to use it to create tropical ambiance. Here are some reasons why theme parks, zoos, resorts and even restaurants are using artificial tropical thatch covers on the exterior of their structures to create an authentic tropical appearance.

Perfect Finish, Unbeatable Durability
Natural thatch material is made from dried, woven palm leaves harvested from tropical locations. True, it can be a great way to generate the organic vibe you’re going for on your building or structure. However, you should be aware that natural thatch can be difficult to maintain for commercial use.

Time, weather, and general wear and tear are just a fact of life – and when it comes to a thatched roof, these things will take their toll on a roof covered in “real” thatch. In a matter of a few years, a roof covered in natural thatch can lose the tight, clean appearance on its finish, especially if it is exposed to winds and rain. And in hurricane prone areas, natural thatch can also begin to rot if not properly maintained with a preservation treatment every year.

Enter artificial thatch alternatives, which are much easier to maintain in these harsh weather conditions. Even in heavy rain and winds, the durability of artificial thatch applications over time simply can’t be beat. When placing your order, be sure to ask us about the treatment products that can help your artificial palm thatch last for several extra years.

Cost Efficiency, Long Term Investment
Some of the businesses that use artificial tropical thatch covers are on large properties. Amusement parks and zoos are good examples. But no matter what size your operation is, you want to keep overhead as low as possible in order to turn bigger profits and maintain a healthy operation. With fake thatch/ faux thatch, that’s exactly what you can do. You will be making an investment in a long-term roofing material, rather than one that needs to be replaced every two to five years. And because you can buy this material at wholesale cost from Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, you’ll save even more money.

As always, we advise that you apply our quality fire retardant and preservation products to make your faux thatch last as long as possible. If you have any questions about these products, please ask. We will do everything we can to educate you on the proper care of your product.

Eco-Friendliness, Quality Control
Our artificial palm thatch is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This 100% recyclable HDPE is one of the most eco-friendly artificial thatch alternatives there is. This is important if your operation is part of a green business initiative, or you are required to abide by local environmental regulations for construction. And in addition to eco-friendliness, our artificial thatch alternatives are crafted with quality. Each roll of faux thatch is made by a strict quality control process that assures it is suitable for exterior or interior construction, and for residential or commercial use.

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