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How to Use Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Halves and Flat Bamboo Slats

As far as natural building materials go, the usefulness and versatility of bamboo is overlooked far too often. At Tiki Shack Importer, we aim to spread the word about the functionality of bamboo, both natural and artificial. What follows are some suggestions for how to use bamboo poles, bamboo halves and flat bamboo slats.

Bamboo Poles for Building and Construction
Bamboo is an eco-friendly wood that easily renews itself and can be harvested without the invasive logging process of other traditional hardwoods. This is what makes it a great raw material for a variety of construction projects, including outbuildings, sheds, bars, fencing and more.
We offer the following products for these purposes:
4 foot bamboo pole
8 foot bamboo pole
10 foot bamboo pole
12 foot bamboo pole
14 foot bamboo pole
16 foot bamboo pole
18 foot bamboo pole
20 foot bamboo pole
You can get these lengths of bamboo in your choice of 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch diameter. As you can see, we have bamboo pole sizes that are conducive to projects of all sizes, including those with largescale specifications.

Bamboo Poles for Craftsmanship
If you build your own furniture or other products with fine craftsmanship, bamboo is also an excellent alternative to other hardwoods. In addition to the affordable bamboo pole at the lengths listed above, the Tiki Shack Importer has flat bamboo, bamboo half round trim and even bamboo sticks for small scale products. In fact, we even carry hollow bamboo sticks for crafts.

Bamboo Halves and Poles for Outdoors
Bamboo is also a great fit for a variety of outdoor projects, whether at home or business. Our affordable bamboo pole is ideal for garden trellis; your constructed trellis can then be placed against your building or secured into a planter or the ground. Most big box stores sell trellis made from cheap pine, whereas your bamboo trellis can be a more stunning addition to your outdoor space.

Bamboo gates, made from our quality bamboo pole, are also growing in popularity as people see how attractive, resilient and secure they can be. All you need to construct one is a good wood glue, a hammer and a few nails.

And finally, bamboo halves are becoming the most interesting way to create rain gutters. Also known as bamboo halfs, these can be an incredibly natural, creative way to redirect rainfall so your roof and home stay protected from water damage. If you prefer to use artificial bamboo for this purpose, we carry that as well.

Place Your Order for Bamboo Poles, Halves or Slats
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