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Palapa Umbrellas and Palapa Materials

 The palapa is a structure that has made a big comeback in recent years. From the resurgence of 1960s style tiki bars and the popularity of “stay-cations” in one’s own tropical-themed backyard, to pirate ship parties and beach-themed restaurants, there are plenty of trends that have created an emerging demand for items like palapa umbrellas and tiki thatch rolls.

To help homeowners and business owners create the tropical look they’re after to create these environments, easy access to these items is essential. Maybe you’re ready to adorn your indoor or outdoor space in tropical palapa materials – and, maybe you’ve been told it’s an expensive look to pull off. That can be true, if you don’t know where to buy. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The key is finding the right supplier – one that offers exceptional quality, a price you can afford, and the welcome bonus of free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Where to Buy Palapas
Not only is it possible to buy tropical palapas online for much less than you would from a major retailer, it’s easy to get quality palapa at prices that are downright cheap. Palapas, palapa umbrellas and other tiki supplies – all made from materials that are carefully harvested from their natural environments and imported directly to the U.S. – can be purchased for a much lower cost online from Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company. As the only U.S. importer that deals with commercial grade palapa palm leaf thatch, Mexican palapa and more, we have the largest selection of natural tropical materials at accessible price points.

Your Trusted Palapa Resource
Although we also carry durable synthetic thatch for those who want it, we’re the most reliable source in the United States for tiki thatch rolls and palapa umbrellas made from natural, native palm. With us, you can be certain your palapa was:

• Grown in an authentically tropical climate
• Ethically harvested by local workers
• Professionally cured in the sunshine
• Artistically woven with skill and precision

We ship all our palapa products directly from our headquarters in Southern California, making us a trusted resource for buyers throughout the U.S.

Maintaining Your Palapa Products
If installed and maintained properly, palapa umbrellas can last for years. The natural palapa grasses are skillfully woven together to allow wind to pass through. This means the umbrellas can withstand the impact of harsh winds and rain. However, please note that extreme storms, hail, heavy snow falls and freezing weather are known to damage palapa (even when our high quality thatch sealer is applied). If your area is experiencing this weather, choose a different season to install your palapa items outdoors.

Of course, proper installation and regular maintenance of your thatch can boost their longevity even more. Tips for installing your palapa and maintaining it over time include:

• Reinforce thatch covers. If using tiki thatch rolls to cover a structure, such as a tiki bar, attach your umbrella to a wood frame and reinforce the frame with nylon zip ties or a staple gun. Another option is to mount it on a metal stand.

• Use a natural pinewood pole umbrella. For a long-lasting palapa umbrella, this is the pole it was meant to stand on. We encourage you to search our incredible selection of these when exploring our palapa materials.

• Take advantage of preservation products. We offer many products that can help you preserve your palapa materials and extend their lifespan. Our thatch sealer only requires an annual coat re-application, making it easy to invest only once in the maintenance of your palapa umbrella.

• Consider upgrading to a fire retardant palapa. If you live in a hot or dry climate, consider investing a little more in a fire retardant palapa umbrella. This can expand the life of your palapa while also shielding your home from fire risks.

By taking these steps, you can rest assured that you will only need to invest in palapa replacements every three to five years. The good news is, only the palapa tops should need to be replaced because your frame will be protected.

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