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Palm Thatch Runners for Your Tiki Hut Roof

If you’re ready to turn your outdoor patio, deck or other surface into a partially enclosed tropical refuge for yourself and your family to enjoy year-round – or, you’re an entrepreneur looking to commercialize your love for the tiki lifestyle into a viable part of your new or existing business – then topping off your structure with a tiki hut roof is a must. Of course, in order to create that roof, you’ll need palm thatch runners. These are called runners because they come in rolls, which are used to run across the roof of your structure and hang over like an authentic tiki hut.

Tiki thatching roll is surprisingly easy to source, and more affordable than you may think. At Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company we have palm thatch runners made from real palm leaves, harvested from native lands and treated in a meticulous process that makes them ready to import and use as a building material.

Where to Buy Palm Thatch Runners
Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company is the leading supplier of imported palm thatch rolls and other tiki building materials. Not only homeowners, but also many well-known businesses and theme parks, have trusted us to fulfill their tiki roofing materials and other tiki supply needs. Over two decades, we have built a stellar reputation with our customers throughout North America. This is thanks to our low prices, unparalleled quality and fantastic customer service. We ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for free, and we also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada.

Our Tiki Thatching Roll Selection
With our incredible selection, you’ll have your choice of our Mexican roof thatch – or, if preferred, our tiki roof rolls from Tahiti or Africa. All are made from natural palm leaves and harvested at the peak of freshness before being treated, woven and processed into a sustainable, eco-friendly product that is imported to our warehouse. Rather than drop shipping to our customers, we import all products to our warehouse and inspect each one before making them available. This is how you know that what you order will be high quality and exactly what you need.

Weather-Proofing Your Palm Thatch Rolls
If it is correctly installed and appropriately maintained, a roof made of quality tiki thatching roll can last for a minimum of three years. Because the natural palm leaves are expertly woven together to allow wind to pass through, normal wind will be no match for the palm thatch runner on your tiki roof.

And when our specially formulated palm thatch sealer is applied to it for weather proofing, you can add an extra two years can to its lifetime. The palm thatch sealer product protects the thatch from the rain, including shielding it from water damage. While it’s not recommended to use tiki thatching roll in locations where major storms, hail, heavy snow falls or freezing weather are common, the treated materials can easily withstand moderate wind and rainfall.

Because any natural product will slowly degrade over time, you should plan on replacing your tiki thatch rolls every three to five years. We also suggest that anyone ordering for a dry, hot climate should consider ordering our fire retardant palm thatch rolls. Of course, your pine or bamboo poles should be permanent fixtures – and we can advise you on installing and maintaining them as well.

Ordering, Shipping or Picking Up Your Palm Thatch Runners
Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company can ship your palm thatch rolls to your door – or if you prefer, you can pick your order up yourself from our Southern California warehouse. If you would like to do this, please call us at 951-662-3472 Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to make a weekday pick up appointment. We are closed on weekends and every weekday from the 12:30 to 1:30 lunch hour.

Contact Us for More Information
Whatever you aim to create, we want to help you select the perfect tiki thatching roll for your project! When perusing our selection of palm thatch runners, be sure to take a look at our other outdoor lifestyle building materials and products, including bamboo slats, wall covering, fencing and edging. We even offer bamboo furnishings and tiki masks to complete the interior of your project. The possibilities are endless!

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