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Synthetic Thatch Roof Tips from the Tropical Décor Experts

The thatched roofs you see at amusement parks and other commercial establishments can be breathtaking to behold. They may even inspire you to have one installed at your own business, or even at your home. When considering this, one of the first questions you’re likely to have is whether that beautiful, impressive thatch you saw was natural or artificial. Often, the answer is the surprising one: More often than not, these businesses are using synthetic thatch roofing on their structures.

Why Destinations Use Synthetic Thatch Roofing
There are some key reasons why synthetic thatch roofing panels are popular with certain types of commercial businesses, especially those that are exposed to the outdoors. Here are the most important ones.

The clean, lustrous finish. Synthetic tropical thatch looks and feels unbelievably similar to its natural thatch counterparts – and in many cases, it might look even better. The synthetic thatching tends to have a tighter weave and bolder, more lustrous finish that many people prefer to the rural finish of natural palapa thatch. If this type of appearance is important for your home or business, you may wish to choose the synthetic thatch option.

The undeniable durability. Although properly treated and maintained palapa thatch can last from three to five years (or even longer if it’s protected from weather extremes), synthetic tropical thatch can for several more years on top of that. This is why outdoor amusement parks tend to choose synthetic thatch panel for their outdoor structures. Our high quality, synthetic material stands up to erosion better than many natural materials.
The sound investment. For any commercial business, reducing overhead is the key to bigger profits. Rather than spending money on a costly replacement for your thatching every few years, synthetic thatch panels will last long enough to fit into your long-term budget – often, ten years or more. Of course, they must be properly treated and maintained in order for you to accomplish this goal.

How To Install Synthetic Thatch
Our synthetic tropical thatch is easy for most DIY-ers to install, and a breeze for construction professionals. Follow these steps if you need guidance, and feel free to contact us if you have questions during the installation.

  • First, gather your tools. You will need sharp scissors or looping shears to cut the material into panels, and a staple gun or nail gun to attach it to the structure. Don’t forget a tape measure to measure the panels before you cut.

  • Second, cut the material to your chosen synthetic thatch panel size; again, call us if you would like guidance on this. There are different recommended panel sizes depending on whether your desired aesthetic is tropical, African, English, Asian or another style.

  • Once you have cut your material into panels, measure and mark the locations where each of your panels will be. Using a marker, mark the exact area where you want to install each one.

  • Now, begin installing the first layer of panels at the bottom row of your roof. Starting at the bottom will create a more natural look, which is what you want when you’re working with synthetic thatch roof.

  • Then, install your next layer of panels above the first one. For the most even coverage, overlap each panel by seven to eight inches. If you have doubts about this placement, call us with your specific questions. Different sizes could be recommended based on your appearance goals.

   • At the top of your roof, cover the peak with smaller sections of the synthetic thatch panel. Do the same to the hips on the slope of the roof. But sure to measure those gaps first, so you can cut your panels to seamlessly fill them in.

To learn more about how to install a synthetic thatch roof on your structure, call Tiki Shack Importer. We will be glad to answer your questions as you embark on your next residential or commercial project.

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