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Ways to Use Artificial Bamboo Poles

Artificial synthetic bamboo pole has many uses, starting with its popular tropical applications like indoor or outdoor tiki bars, as well as tiki huts that are built from the ground up or created by modifying an existing structure. Tiki bars and tiki huts can add the tropical flair your home or business needs, and bamboo is an essential material to construct them – whether you choose natural bamboo poles or high quality artificial varieties.

But there are other uses for this versatile construction material as well, and they aren’t necessarily relegated to the standard tiki installments. If you’re interested in incorporating artificial synthetic bamboo poles into some kind of project, but you aren’t necessarily sure what that project might be, consider these ideas.

Artificial Bamboo Poles for a Bamboo Garden Trellis
Our outdoor bamboo poles can construct a sturdy, long lasting trellis for your outdoor plants to climb up and cover, whether you choose to place the trellis against a building or secure it in the ground as a freestanding installation. There are all kinds of plants that look great against a trellis, including but certainly not limited to jasmine, mandevilla, morning glory and bougainvillea. Sure, a standard pine trellis may have a more traditional look – and a big box store trellis may be a simple product to buy – but a bamboo trellis is far more stunning. It can be the showpiece of your yard for years to come.

Artificial Bamboo Poles for a Bamboo Gate
Speaking of stunning, a bamboo gate is another showstopper entryway idea for your garden or backyard. Outdoor bamboo poles of many lengths can be used to construct a bamboo gate. At Bamboo Poles For Sale, our bamboo pole sizes include:
2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" diameter bamboo poles
4 ft bamboo poles
8 ft bamboo poles
Large bamboo poles (10 ft bamboo poles)
Extra large bamboo poles (12 ft bamboo poles)
Your outdoor bamboo poles can be placed vertically and horizontally both, or you can create your own placement for a creative bamboo gate design. Some high quality faux bamboo poles, a good wood glue, a hammer and a few nails are all you need to create a beautiful bamboo gate.

Other Cuts and Uses for Artificial Bamboo
Other projects can be completed with different cuts of faux or natural bamboo. Poles are great, but sometimes you need bamboo halves – for example, to create a bamboo gutter that redirects rainfall so your roof and home stay protected from water damage. Bamboo gutters are an attractive, creative alternative to gutters made from metal, fiberglass or another material. Although bamboo halves may do the job, some homeowners prefer to use artificial bamboo poles to create a bamboo gutter. Peruse our selection of outdoor bamboo poles to see which would work better for your project; whatever size or cut you choose, you can be assured that our nylon or plastic bamboo poles are able to withstand the elements, including water and weather conditions.

These are just some ideas to use our artificial bamboo poles in your outdoor space. To get your wholesale bamboo poles shipped to your door as soon as possible, place your order with us today.