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When island-style décor is your objective, you can count on Palapa umbrellas to transform your space. Our premium palapa umbrellas can easily transport you to your own island paradise. Palapa is a Spanish word, which means "stalk of the palm leaf" and is an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof that’s made of dried palm leaves. Palapa umbrellas are extremely popular in tropical climates and are commonly used in beach resorts, open-air restaurants, pools, tiki huts, and retreats.

We offer premium quality products by following the highest industry standards to ensure that you get the highest quality possible with our palapa umbrellas and other products. We welcome you to browse through our large selection of high-quality palapa umbrellas and create your own tropical oasis. We have a huge selection of diverse palapa umbrellas and other palapa products that can nicely complement your residential or commercial space.

Create a Relaxing Tropical Retreat
If you enjoy relaxing in the tropics and want to create that same island feeling in your living space, then all you need is our premium palapa products. Our palapa umbrellas are hand-picked and checked for their durability. The palapa patio umbrellas, palapa covers, palapa tops, and palapa DIY kits that we offer have been designed using 100% authentic palapa and have been built to withstand the elements.

The palapa umbrellas that we offer boast functional accents that provide not only shade, but also a casual ambiance to any space. Regardless of the style that you are trying to achieve, you can easily use our high-quality palapa umbrellas to spruce up your home or business.

High Quality Palapa Umbrellas
If you’re looking for high-quality palapa umbrellas and other palapa products, then you have come to the right place. We deal in a variety of high-quality commercial and wholesale tiki huts and umbrellas for your resort. These include palapa tiki umbrellas, palapa kits, palapa umbrella covers, palapa umbrella tops, palapa replacements, and Mexican palapa umbrellas.

Browse our huge selection of high-quality palapa umbrellas to find one that suits one that fits your space. We deal in a huge selection of palapa products for the pool area, garden, patio, or commercial space. While you're shopping for an umbrella, take a look at the patio sets; there are even patio set covers to protect your table and chairs from the weather. No matter what furniture or accent items you're seeking for the interior or exterior of the home, you can find it at Wayfair.

Why You Need Our Services?
We’re on a mission to help you built authentic palapa structures, whether it’s at home or at your commercial space. The following are just some of the reasons why you need our services when it comes to getting the highest quality palapa umbrellas, kits, tops, and covers at extremely affordable prices.

Natural-Looking Shelter
Only we can help you re-create that relaxed and laid-back space with our natural palapa umbrellas. We offer beautiful eco-friendly palapa umbrellas that are the perfect choice for you if you’re looking to create a focal point in your living space. Our high-quality products can easily add some luxe and style to your restaurant or pool area.

Environmentally Friendly Materials
Thanks to our palapa umbrellas, you can now take a permanent vacation every time you step into your garden or pool area. What sets us apart from the rest is that we offer 100% authentic, eco-friendly, and recyclable palapa umbrellas, tops, covers, and palapa DIY kits.

Free & Fast Shipping
We provide free and fast shipping to our clients so that you don’t have to wait too long to create your very own tropical paradise. Through the years, we’ve come to be known as the go-to choice for high-quality palapa umbrellas used in a residential or commercial setting.

Affordable Prices
There’s no need to break the bank while creating a tropical paradise feel in your living space. We offer the highest quality products at highly affordable prices. With our products, you can easily re-create that tropical island retreat in your own backyard, patio, or pool area.

Available in Multiple Sizes
There’s no need to clip, cut, or trim the palapa umbrellas that you get from us. We do it all for you to make sure that you get a palapa umbrella that’s the perfect size for your needs. We also offer high-quality palapa products that are available in multiple sizes.

High Quality Products
We hand-pick our materials following the highest quality standards before they are handwoven into the beautiful palapa umbrellas that our clients have come to know and love through the years.

Unmatched Customer Service
Our beautiful palapa umbrellas can completely transform your garden, backyard, patio, or pool area come rain or shine. Whether you’re interested in buying or just browsing through the options, we have a team of professional and friendly customer service representatives who are always ready to answer your questions.

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