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Why Artificial Bamboo Poles are on par with Authentic Bamboo

Whether you’re creating an outdoor oasis at home or adding a tropical vibe to some part of your business, bamboo is a must-have material to make it happen. When it comes time to purchase that bamboo, the first decision to make is whether you’ll be choosing natural bamboo poles or faux bamboo poles. Which one is better? While natural bamboo poles are often a preference, sometimes that’s because buyers don’t realize that synthetic artificial bamboo poles are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The key is to purchase them from a supplier who understands the following things.

Fake bamboo poles don’t have to feel fake.
Just like the best artificial grass doesn’t feel artificial, neither does the best artificial bamboo. When you purchase from a supplier that only selects faux bamboo poles resembling natural bamboo cane, you can be assured that your project will have the most authentic looking finish possible. That’s because these aren’t “cheap bamboo poles”…they’re nylon or plastic bamboo poles that look and feel like the real thing, so no one will know whether your structure is made from real bamboo or synthetic.

Fake bamboo poles have a longer lifespan.
It’s just the reality: Any natural product is more vulnerable than its synthetic counterpart. If you’re buying bamboo poles online for the first time, be aware that natural bamboo poles are still susceptible to the elements they endured before harvest – and, they’ll continue to be vulnerable to any elements you expose them to in the future. If you’re buying supplies with the intention of them being outdoor bamboo poles, faux bamboo poles can be a more durable option that last for years longer. That’s important to consider whether you’re building a structure for residential or commercial use.

Fake bamboo poles are used by names you know and trust.
Speaking of commercial use, you may be surprised that faux bamboo poles are used in places where a tropical aesthetic is the key to success – places like water parks, vacation resorts, cruise ships and even movie sets. They’re also used to build the tiki rooms and tropical-themed spaces at some of the most famous entertainment and recreation destinations in the world, including Disneyland and Disney World. If the people who create these environments trust fake bamboo poles to meet their needs, so can you.

Place your order for artificial bamboo poles now.
These are just some of the reasons why artificial bamboo poles are on par with authentic bamboo, and why you can feel good about using them for your next tropical building project. If you’re ready to order bamboo poles online, order them now from The Tiki Shack Importer. We can ship free to your door, and our customer service department is standing by to answer your questions. We want to be more than your outdoor bamboo poles supplier; we can also be your go-to information resource on tropical materials, just like we are for countless other customers.