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The difference between ours and our competitors. Our competitors use polypropylene much cheaper and less durable than nylon.

Nylon is much stronger than polypropylene. Nylon has a tensile strength of 4,200 to 5,500 pound per 1-inch width, while polypropylene only has a tensile strength of 600 pounds per inch. ... Nylon will be able to withstand a lot of abrasion. Disneyland and Disney World Theme Parks use our artificial thatch in their Enchanted Tiki Hut and Jungle Cruise area among many other residential and commercial applications such as zoos, resorts and film industry.

Artificial Synthetic Thatch | Order Online at Wholesale Prices

Artificial thatch for palapas, palapa umbrellas and their top cones, gazebos and other artificial thatch roofing needs is easy to order online right here from Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company. Our company is where to buy your artificial palm thatch at deep discount, wholesale prices that make sense for both homeowners and business owners. Whether you are in search of thatch applications for residential or commercial projects, we are ready to fulfill the need in a way that works well for your budget and deadlines.

Natural Thatch vs. Artificial Synthetic Thatch
Why do some projects use artificial palm thatch over naturally grown palm thatch? Although natural thatch is an excellent organic building material for many thatch applications, synthetic thatch has some clear advantages for many types of projects. These advantages include the following.

The Durability of Synthetic Thatch Rolls
Natural thatch rolls are made from dried and woven palm leaves that are harvested from the source at tropical locations around the world: Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa and other tropical climate areas. Natural thatch can be an outstanding natural material to work with, and is normally very easy to install on tiki huts and other thatch applications.

However, if you are looking out for your household budget or the bottom line at a business, then the lesser durability of natural thatch may not be conducive to your economic investment. This is especially the case when your location is subject to harsh weather conditions. Keep reading to find out why, and consider whether artificial synthetic thatch may be the better choice for your project.

The Weather Resistance of Synthetic Palm Thatch
Even properly treated natural thatch will require replacement every three to five years, due to the organic breakdown and deterioration that is inevitable with any natural product. If weather extremes are a factor in the location of your project, then your thatching may need to be replaced even sooner than that.

If your artificial thatch roofing is hit by hurricane season, frequent high winds, snow or even hard rain, it may deteriorate much faster than the average lifespan. But when you’re using artificial synthetic thatch, it can stand up to the elements much better than its natural thatch counterparts. The lifespan of artificial thatch products can be ten years or longer, often extending the life of your investment by double. In some cases, it may last even longer than that. This can make the choice to use synthetic thatch a much more financially sound investment.

The Appearance of Synthetic Thatch Panels
Even when examining it up close, our artificial synthetic thatch looks so similar to natural palm thatch that it can be incredibly difficult to tell the difference between the two. Some people find the appearance of artificial thatch products to be even more attractive than organic thatch. This is because the thatching on synthetic alternatives tends to have a tighter weave and a bolder, more lustrous finish that many people prefer to the rural appearance of natural thatching. If this appearance sounds like a good fit for your home or business, then our artificial palm thatch might be the right choice for your project from an aesthetics standpoint.

The Wholesale Cost of Synthetic Thatch

Because artificial synthetic thatch is not affected by the ups and downs of growing conditions, including weather, agricultural factors and other environmental influences, it can be much easier for distributors to acquire at wholesale cost. At Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, we are committed to supplying you with artificial thatch products at the deepest discounts possible. We want your project to be successful, and we know that helping you stay within the confines of your budget is a big part of that success. We do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Why Choose Our Artificial Synthetic Thatch Roll
There are many ways for artificial palm thatch buyers to order online – but at Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, our artificial synthetic thatch is made by the most trusted manufacturers in the tropical décor industry. We can find artificial tropical thatch covers to fit nearly any desired theme or style of thatching you may be interested in for your project, including:

• Hawaiian tiki hut thatch

• Caribbean palapa thatch

• Mexican palapa thatch

• African cape reed thatch

• Tahitian thatch

• Safari or jungle thatch

• East Asian reed thatch

• Historic European cottage thatch

• Native American chickee

As your trusted resource for tiki building materials and tropical décor, we are committed to sourcing the best artificial thatch product for our customers.

Eco-Friendly Artificial Thatch Alternatives
Our artificial thatch alternatives are made from environmentally friendly and sustainable high density polyethylene, also known as 100% recyclable HDPE plastic. This high quality material ensures that your synthetic thatch replicates its natural thatch counterparts to an astounding degree. It’s remarkable how the intricate weaving on our quality, recyclable material looks and feels like real thatch that was organically grown in the tropics.

Quality Control that Ensures the Best Product
In addition to using only the most eco-friendly, recyclable materials available so that you can comply with your state and local environmental requirements to the letter, we only use artificial synthetic thatch that is crafted with the utmost quality.

Each roll of our artificial palm thatch is professionally made under strict, consistent quality control manufacturing conditions that guarantee fitness for use in exterior construction or interior improvement projects. It also guarantees that they are suitable for both residential and commercial use. At Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company, we want all projects using our artificial thatch products to be equally successful, both for home and business.

Your Source for Commercial Use Synthetic Thatch
As experts in the field of tropical building materials and décor, we have been a trusted resource for artificial palm thatch for more than a decade. The types of establishments that have trusted us to supply their synthetic artificial thatch for many years include:

• Restaurants, bars and other food service establishments

• Hotels and other hospitality properties

• Resorts and vacation destinations

• Amusement parks and theme parks

• Zoos and wildlife sanctuaries

If you are tasked with placing a bulk or wholesale order of artificial thatch roofing for one of these commercial establishments, we will be happy to accommodate the needs of your business. Let us work with you to find synthetic thatch roofing solutions that work for your project scope, budget parameters and time deadlines.

In order to make sure your order reaches you in a timely manner, we ship directly to your door from our Southern California warehouse. This eliminates any third-party shipping concerns or delays, ensuring you get your artificial thatch products when you need them most.

How To Install Our Artificial Synthetic Thatch
Our artificial synthetic thatch is simple for construction professionals to install, and many do-it-yourself homeowners find it to be easy enough to take on for their residential projects as well. Follow these steps as a basic installation framework for your artificial thatch roofing, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions before and during the process.

Gather your project tools. Only a few simple tools are needed to begin installation of artificial tropical thatch covers. You will need sharp scissors or looping shears to cut the material into artificial thatch shingle (also known as synthetic thatch panels). You will also need a staple gun or nail gun to attach the panels to the structure. And of course, don’t forget a tape measure to measure the panels before you cut. Measuring is the key to making sure all your panels are evenly sized.

Cut the material. Now, it’s time to cut the material to your chosen size of synthetic thatch panels. We welcome you to call us if you would like guidance on cutting your material. There are different recommended panel sizes depending on what your desired style is. Please see our list above for various styles and designs according to geographical region. Again, be sure to accurately measure the material before cutting to ensure you will cut each panel to the same size.

Measure and mark locations. Once you have cut your material into synthetic thatch panels, measure and mark the locations where each of your panels will be secured on your frame. Using a pen or marker that’s easily visible, mark the precise points on the frame where you want to install each panel. If you wish to start with pencil so that mistakes can be erased before marking permanently, that can also be a good strategy.

Start installing your first layer of panels. Always begin installing the first layer of synthetic thatch panels at the bottom row of your roof, not the top. Starting at the bottom will create a more natural look on your thatched roof, which is what most people want when using synthetic alternative. Working from the bottom up, you can then use your staple gun or nail gun to secure each panel to your roof frame. We only recommend using pneumatic tools like these to install your synthetic thatch panels. We do not recommend using a manual hammer and nail method.

Move on to the next layer. After the first layer is installed, you will be ready to install the second layer of thatching panels above the first one. For the most even layers of artificial tropical thatch covers, overlap each artificial thatch shingle by seven to eight inches. If you have doubts about this placement, you are welcome to call us with your specific installation questions. Different sizes of panels could be recommended based on your appearance goals, so don’t be afraid to ask what is optimal for your project.

Repeat the steps for each layer. After the second layer is installed, continue working on each layer of synthetic thatch panels, moving from the bottom up until your entire roof or frame is covered. If you have any questions during this process, we will be happy to answer them.

At the top of your roof, cover the peak with smaller sections of your cut synthetic thatch panels. Do the same to the hips on the slope of the roof. But sure to measure those gaps first, so you can cut your artificial synthetic thatch panels to seamlessly fill them in.

Install your top cone. This step is only necessary when top cones are part of the plan for your structure. Not all thatch applications will have a top cone; it depends on the style of palapa, umbrella or hut you are creating with your structure. In any case, rest assured that our top cones are fire rated for the protection of your structure.

If you have any questions on how to install artificial synthetic thatch before taking on a project, we will be happy to answer them before you place an order. Call us at 1-866-944-TIKI (8454) if you would like to speak with us before deciding on an order.

Palapa Umbrellas: Thatching on a Smaller Scale
In addition to artificial tropical thatch covers for palapas, huts and other roofs, we also carry an outstanding selection of palapa thatch umbrellas and umbrella covers. Here are some of the most popular ideas for using palapa umbrellas in residential thatch applications.

Palapa Umbrellas for Residential Projects
These solutions are very popular for home and outdoor lifestyle projects, where adding a single palapa umbrella to cover an outdoor table can completely transform the look of a backyard. Some homeowners construct a tiki bar and use a palapa umbrella to make it even more authentic; others cover their existing bar in our bamboo matting to turn a “regular” bar into a tiki bar, then add the umbrella as the finishing touch. It can be amazing to see how incorporating just one thatched umbrella can turn an ordinary suburban backyard into a genuine tropical oasis at home.

We make our palapa umbrellas available in various sizes for your convenience. Some homeowners opt for a slightly larger palapa thatch umbrella to cover an outdoor jacuzzi or hot tub, or perhaps to cover a small patio. In geographical areas where sunlight is strong and plentiful, some people opt to shade certain gardens or small crops with various sizes of palapa umbrellas. Shading parts of a property with a palapa umbrella can be a good solution in hot desert climates where vulnerable plants with low drought tolerance are at risk of being scorched by the sun.

Palapa Umbrellas for Commercial Use
Palapa umbrellas can also be great products to use for small commercial projects, including any environment where the tropical beauty of thatching is desired in smaller applications. One of the most popular umbrella thatch applications is in food service establishments – specifically, restaurants and bars creating an outdoor dining space with thatched umbrella tables.

Thatched umbrellas are also popular in hospitality establishments, theme parks and zoos, as well as vacation properties. Our palapa thatch umbrellas provide the shelter and sun protection you want for your guests on a smaller scale, which many businesses find to be a great fit when working with a modest budget.

Shipping Options for Artificial Synthetic Thatch
No matter what artificial thatch products you choose to order from us, Palapa Umbrella Thatch Company can ship them directly to your door, with no painstaking drop shipping necessary. This cuts out the middleman and ensures your artificial synthetic thatch order reaches you as quickly as possible. For smaller orders, we are able to ship most products out the same day the order is placed, which places your product in your hands within four to five business days.

Bulk orders may require a bit more time in order to be sure we acquire the total amount of product you are requesting. However, our direct shipping process supports our goal of getting your artificial thatch products in your hands as soon as possible after you place your order. We import them from the manufacturing source to our California warehouse and inspect them onsite before sending them to you. And as an added bonus to our discount prices, we also ship anywhere in the mainland U.S. for free.

Pickup Options for Artificial Synthetic Thatch Rolls
We stock all our artificial thatch products at our Southern California warehouse. If you are local to our area and prefer to pick up your order in person from us, call or text us at 951-662-3472 to schedule an appointment for a pickup time. Please be aware that we are only open for pickups Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a one hour lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30. We look forward to meeting you and fulfilling your artificial synthetic thatch needs.

Place Your Order for Artificial Synthetic Thatch Now
To place an order for any of our artificial thatch products, order online or call 1-866-944-TIKI (8454). We will be happy to assist you.